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By using the Instant Verification function, you will be able to view a Certificant's certification data.  You may search using the first, last name, and/or certification number of the Certificant. Please note that the certificate number is case sensitive. If a certification number contains letters, use capital letters "CNM" or "CM", not "cnm" or "cm". 
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AMCB Certification Statuses and Meaning
  • Active: Currently certified as a Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) or Certified Midwife (CM). The title “CNM” or “CM” is used to represent midwives who are maintaining their certification by meeting continuing maintenance program requirements.
  • Retired: AMCB certified midwife who has permanently retired from practice in good standing. ‘Practice’ is defined as any roles that require CNM/CM certification for the position. With a retired certification, the title “CNM (ret.)” or “CM (ret.)” may be used.
  • Deceased: CNM/CM who has passed away.
  • Deactivated: AMCB certified midwife who has had their certification deactivated for an administrative reason, usually to switch certification from CM to CNM or from CNM to CM. 
  • Grace Period: CNM/CM who has been given a temporary extension by AMCB to complete their CMP requirements. If requirements are met by a set date, the midwife is moved back to an Active status, if requirements are not met by the set date, the midwife is moved to a Lapsed status.
  • Lapsed: AMCB certified midwife that did not meet the requirements for recertification. With a Lapsed certification, the title “CNM” or “CM” can no longer be used.
  • Suspended: CNM/CM whose certification has been temporarily suspended by AMCB, usually due to a pending discipline case. 
  • Surrendered: CNM/CM who has given up their certification, usually due to a discipline case.
  • Revoked: AMCB certified midwife who has had their CNM/CM certification taken away by AMCB, usually due to a discipline ruling. With a Revoked certification, the title “CNM” or “CM” may no longer be used.

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